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The Noserider Fin

$180.00 $95.00


The Noserider Fin

$180.00 $95.00


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The Noserider Fin by Albie Curtis

“Nosering Fin”

The wing is the prominent part of this fin. Having the shape + characteristics of the aircraft wing, with it’s lift drag shape causing no turbulence but creating drag with its Dyhedral Angle.

This Fin will work as a drag fin on a 9′ board when you are within 60cm of the nose of the board + will loosen + hydroplane the board when within 100cm of the fin.

Don’t think that by buying this Fin will suddenly transform you into a professional Nose rider. Even though tank testing + months of trials have produced this fin, you will increase your nose riding ability with constant use + practice.

After a few surfs, try your old fin, again + see how much better you really have became + then every time you use the Nose riding Fin you will notice the difference it really make your nose riding.

Enjoy the moment…….Albie Curtis

We ship worldwide via registed Australian Post.

Manufacturing & Technical Specifications
  • Registed¬†Australian Design by Albie Curtis
  • Made from Carbon Fibre
  • Fit all¬†standard Fin Box
  • Best Performance for Board size from 9′ and over


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